Friday, October 1, 2010

Less of me

I am thinking about the words to a song I learned in choir at family camp:

I need your glory

I want your glory

Less of me and more of you

Is what I need

Show me your glory

Show me your power

Less of me and more of you is what I need

So many times I tried my way

But all of the pain didn't go away

I realize that only you

Can give me this love that is so true

We're always so focused on our lives and what we are doing. If we could get our eyes off of ourselves and focus on Jesus it would make a difference not only for us, but for others. When we get our eyes on Jesus He leads us to focus on others. There are sick people that need prayer, backsliders that are lonely and confused, new converts that need some time and attention. Less of us and more of Jesus is what we need - and Jesus is focused on the needs of human beings and is not willing that any should perish. So we should focus on the needs of others. When if comes to people who have fallen away from God, our place is to pray for them and not judge them. Sometimes church people are the first to devour their own wounded. We need to pray for these people who have strayed from God. They need your prayers more than anything.

This week I challenge you: Pray for someone who has fallen away from God and try and contact them and let them know you're thinking of them. Spend some time with a new convert. Pray for the needs of others in the church. We're all in this together! Less of us and more of Jesus is what we need!


Mary Frances said...

Heeey girl! I just wanted to say HI! I saw your message on my blog...thank for likin and reading it! So who's church and where are you from in Cali? Will you be at WCC? Are you on FB?
♥ya Mary :)

Jennifer Connell said...

Hi Mary!! Thanks for commenting! I am from Oakley, Cornerstone Pentecostal Church. My dad is the pastor there, we started the church a little over 7 1/2 years ago...Yes I will be at WCC! Then we can meet in person!! And I'm not on I'll add you to my friends list though!