Saturday, September 3, 2011

Wants vs. Needs

If anyone is feeling kind, I like these pillows. My birthday is the first week of November. Just saying!

Of course I don't need them, I just want them.....

But seriously. I saw these on eBay yesterday just looking around; No, I'm not a shop-a-holic! I was just looking, didn't buy anything. As I was looking at things and later at the store with my mom, God showed me something, again. It was a reminder, for it's something I can easily forget.

Many people are spending money - going out to eat, shopping, buying buying buying, even in our down economy. It's not that they even have the money to do it, but people are empty and depressed, and they are trying to take care of that problem by getting things they want. But there's a problem, it never seems to be enough for them, and they keep going out and doing the same thing, never ever getting their need met. Just their wants.

Walking through Barnes N Noble and then Target, (my dad had a sweet tooth so we went and got him some cookies) I saw so many strange looking people. I can look back to my childhood or even just a few years ago, and it wasn't the way it is right now. People everywhere are covered with tattoos, peircings, their hair is dyed wild, and a lot of them you can't even tell if they are male or femail at first glance.

I thought of the condition of our world, and what many of these people must be feeling inside when they go out to Barnes N Noble or Target like I did. I have the Holy Ghost, I have hope for tomorrow, the hope of heaven! I have peace inside of me - but they don't. I felt so convicted looking at all these people without hope and on their way to hell. I need to reach these people, I need to be a better witness. I know it's more than inviting people to Church, I've got to take it out of the church to them so that they will want to come. This is my goal, is to be a witness.

It doesn't matter how long I have been in church, what postiton I have, or what I am involved in: If I don't pray, and if I don't witness, I'm not pleasing God. They are so many verses in the Bible that show the heartbeat of Jesus. He is not willing that any should perish! This is OUR job, the world is OUR mission field! Take it personal! I'm determined to be better at reaching these people, with the help of God, before it's too late.

He that gathereth in summer is a wise son: but he that sleepeth in harvest is a son that causeth shame.

Proverbs 10:5


Mary Frances said...

Jenn!!!!!! Are you going to Youth Alive???

Jennifer Connell said...

Hi Mary!

No, I will not be able to attend Youth Alive this year. :( I will be at West Coast though! Will you?

Hanna said...

Sooo true. Lord help us all to be better prayer warriors and witnesses!

Jennifer Connell said...

Amen! Yesterday I prayed God would give me an opportunity, and who should I run into but some young people that used to come to church! If we pray, God will answer, because He is not willing that any should perish. He's reaching for people everyday.

Mary Frances said...

I will be at WCC!!! Can't wait to see you girl!!! :)))

Jennifer Connell said...


We need to take another picture! It will be an annual thing! lol