Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Preacher On The Fence

My dad recently share this poem with me, and it gives me the chills just reading it! Before you read, I just want to say I am thankful for the preachers that are NOT on the fence! They have helped pull my soul from hell. We need a preacher to tell us what we need to hear, and not what we want to hear. I have seen preachers on the fence that won't take a stand, and I fear for the souls of the people they are leading. If your pastor takes a stand for truth and preaches to you what you need to hear, you ought to thank God for Him everyday! And so should I!

From out of the millions on the earth

God often calls a man

To preach His Word, and for the truth

To take a loyal stand.

'Tis sad to see him shun the cross,

Nor stand in it's defense

Between the fields of right and wrong -

A preacher on the fence.

Before him are the souls of men,

Destined for heaven or hell;

An open Bible in his hand,

And yet he dare not tell

Them all the truth as written there;

He fears the consequence-

The shame of heaven, the joy of hell-

A preacher on the fence.

Most surely God has called that man

To battle for the right,

'Tis his to ferret out the wrong

And turn on us the light.

He standeth not for right nor wrong,

He feareth an offence,

Great God, deliver us from him-

That preacher on the fence.

If she should stand up for the wrong.

The right he'd not befriend;

If he should boldly stand for right,

The wrong he would offend.

His mouth is closed, he dare not speak

For freedom or against.

The most disgusting thing on earth-

A preacher on the fence.

-Author Unknown

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