Saturday, September 8, 2012

Our Responsibility

Last night I began to think about this wicked generation and the things we face that no other generation has ever faced before. I am concerned for my generation and sometimes feel like, "what can I really do?" I can do what  I can! I can pray. It bothers me that most of my generation have not even seen a miracle take place. It bothers me when I hear about past generations having revival services everyday that lasted for weeks, and altar calls and prayer meetings that lasted for hours and hours, and we haven't seen much of that. Yes, we've seen God do some mighty things, by why is it such a shocker to people when they hear about it? Shouldn't we be expecting stuff like that anyways? There are too many Apostolics that don't know much about the supernatural and the miraculous. I believe that is changing soon and is already beginning to! A message was preached at Pacific Coast Camp 2010 that greatly impacted my life, entitled, "I Refuse to be a Part of Another Generation." A generation that does not know God or His mighty works. I don't know about you, but God is stirring me about doing my part for my generation.
Are you hungry for God to do more in your church and in your own personal walk with Him, or are you satisfied with where you are at? Do pleasures and the cares of this life seem to occupy your thoughts and your time? If there is anything we need to do more of it's PRAY. We need a revival of the Word of God. I desire for me and my generation see revival of the fear of the Lord, miracles, healing, signs and wonders, great outpouring of the Holy Ghost, and the gifts of the Spirit. This will come if there is a hunger for it and people began seeking after the Lord with their whole heart. What could God do with our generation if we would all get in one mind and one accord and do this? Hunger interrupts order. God feeds when people are hungry. If we don't want to eat, why should God give us anything? Do you want to go through the time of preparing something for somebody that doesn't want it anyhow? Of course not! God will do what we will do. If we go half way, He'll go half way. If we go all the way, He'll go all the way! I encourage my generation to seek the Lord while He may be found. These are the last days. We are in perilous times, as the Bible prophesy said we would be, and we are in great need of a revival. Let's stop talking about "revival one day" and just have it!

Our elders have carried this truth with great reverance and appreciation. They are passing in on to us. What will we do with it? What does it take for tradtion to be lost? One Generation.

What is God doing in your life? What is He doing in your church? Have you seen a miracle? Is God stirring you about the same thing? What will YOU do for HIM?

I want to do my part.


Anali said...

I can tell you've been reading the book on prayer ;)

Good post Kindred,

Jennifer Connell said...

You can? I'm only on the second chapter! lol I've kinda...slacked. And started reading another book! lol It's called "A Prophet in Our Time." Awesome book!