Monday, August 5, 2013

Peru Missions Trip, Pt. 2

More pics and commentary from our trip! So, I already posted about our first service in the missions work! Well, all of the other services we went to (besides our last one at another missions work) were at Elder Nix's church. This is a big church that was converted from an old movie theatre. Hallelujah, now they have church there! lol This was where their regional conferences was held. It went for a few days, with a bunch of different churches in their region gathered together, including some of the jungle churches! We didn't get to go to the jungle this trip. :( But hopefully next time!
 Everyone waiting to leave for church
 We were so shocked when we walked into the church for the first time to see this sign! I believe my mom gasped and put hand over her mouth! lol We had no idea they were going to do that! Like I said, these people were SO welcoming. They were all smiling at us and everyone wanted to either shake our hands or hug us and welcome us..."Dios Le Bendiga!"
 The church!
 One of the class rooms upstairs. The church has a Bible school upstairs; this is the school we are building the tabernacle for!
 Trinity and I pretending. Hehe

 This brother played piano for most of the services and he was very good! He also sang a special in our first mini service upstairs (it was like a pre-conference service with just a few people) and I could feel the Holy Ghost so beautifully, even though I didn't understand the words. It was such a pretty song!
 Another brother singing a special. They had a lot of people sing there!
 Elder Nix! Words cannot express how much I appreciate and respect him!
 My dad preaching with Bro. Keith Nix interpreting.
 Powerful altar call! Many people were touched, as was I! Dad preached on seeing through a glass darkly, and how sometimes we can't understand why we go through certain things on this earth, but we will understand on the other side. God is working all things together for our good!
 Between services, we would go to a store called 'Wong.' Wong is everywhere, and it's a unique store. Upstairs, they have a little cafe with the best gelato! (Italian ice cream!) It was SO good! I liked Selva Negra (black jungle.)
 More Inca Kola!
 The chicken empanadas with lime juice were the bomb!
Miranda and Trin!

 Coco was there! haha Had to take a pic!
 Inside of Wong from upstairs!
 My mom greeting the congregation and Elder Nix interpreting!
 From the inside lobby of the church. It's gated, like most other places in Lima!
 Mom and dad standing outside church
 Some of the desserts inside of Wong.
 The last picture I got inside of Wong before I got in trouble with the security guard. lol
The outside of Wong! More to come....


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